Our friends have 4 wonderful kittens

Mainefield's Ratatouille AnversCoon Belladonna
Our Coons -

this is our love, our philosophy,

our passion and our understanding of life



Cats come into our lives not for long.

Cats come into our lives to teach us about love, they depart to teach us about loss.

A new cats never replaces an old cat,
it merely expands the heart.

If you have loved many cats,
your heart is likely to be very big.

We are for cats - their whole life!


If you are interested in a kitten, feel free to contact us.

We get many many contacts a meek.
PLEASE EMAIL instead of phoning if possible.


I love my  Coons and always spend everyday with them.
AnversCoon Kittens are boldly checked.
Well socialized and are striking examples of the Maine Coon Breed!


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